About Me

Josh eagerly works part time as a web designer. He has recently finished a basic web design certification through Sessions College of Design and plans to continue his education in this career. Josh became interested years ago in web design and computers. Ever since his spark of interest began he has been tinkering playing and finally seeking education in web design.

Josh has worked hard on his education while balancing a full time job, family, and school. He continues the pursuit of knowledge in an ever growing and changing industry. He not only taking classes but also pursues self-education through books, video training, and the all-knowing Google.

During his web design education he has built a small portfolio of work. He has taken classes in Graphic Design, Web Design, as well as Flash Animation and Design.

Josh correctly works full time in the US Air Force and part time as a web designer. He is just getting his feet wet and looks forward to diving into design. In the mean time He travels allot in his full time job and uses this experience as inspiration in his work. In his travels he has seen many different inspiring countries and cultures from Germany to Australia.

On his off time he loves spending time with his kids doing a number of activities. He also stays active in out door activities to include running, hiking, and camping.

My Class projects so far. School